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Amazing summer boxers

with freshly patterned geometry

Frederiqua de Silk designed

Summer 2018

for him

comfort and class


stylish Boxers

Frederiqua presents

sharp and classy underwear for him

urban collection

black and white

Frederiqua de silk designed

Customer's satisfaction is a top priority at Frederiqua de Silk

@ FDS Frederiqua de Silk, we are dedicated to bring you sustainable, long lasting and the most comfortable luxury underwear you can imagine wearing on your body. It blends in and feels like seconds skin making the functionality and aesthetics serve you in tact as well as keeping you confident all day long.

With us, you will not have to worry about quality of your underwear anymore – as it will become a part of your authentic self.  Our spectrum of items had been widened lately to the gym gear including an amazing SUBs and modern yet sensational ladies lingerie and casual knickers. All our items are handmade in the Czech Republic, EU. You may also enhance and treat your laptop to a beautiful designers second skin pouch J.  Lately, we have taken an active part in boxing, by dressing numerous champions and clubs. All these items are unique and are available per customized order only.

Our brand values project an image of being Daring, Smart, Comfortable, Innovative, and Luxurious.

“Made in the EU (Czech Republic), our custom-made products will delight even the most demanding customer. FDS designer team ensures that the underwear feels so natural and soft that it is impossible to resist. It feels like a second skin. 

Most important thing I would like to say to my customer: let me take care of what you wear and you will never look back.”

Frederiqua de Silk

“The quality of the product and the fine touch of geometric patterns is great.”

Peter D.

“Bought Frederiqua de Silk boxers for my boyfriend and he wears them on a daily basis. I love the way they look at him”.

Alise K.

“I came across FDS products while searching for silk accessoires for my suit. Highly recommend this quality brand to men who want to invest in classy pieces”.

Sam B.

“Best colours and geometric patterns in most creative designs. Great price quality tradeoff”.

Kathy B.

“If you want a pair of comfortable daily wear, I recommend you try casual boxers from this brand”.

Thomas L.

“The innovative production facilities and handmade approach make Frederiqua de Silk product fit your body perfectly”.

Production team

“Our design teams carefully observe the trends and try to set our own style lead in this competitive industry”.

Leading designer

“Made in Czech Republic, worn all over the globe! We are proud to be a company with no borders and diverse customer groups”.

Brand & sales manager